Wax Melt FAQ's

How do I use your wax melts?

Add the wax melts to your burner and switch on (if electric) or light the tea light under the burner. Electric warmers take a little longer to warm up, due to the fact they do not use a direct flame. 

How long does a wax melt last?

Wax melts last around 12-14 hours before the scent reduces & disappears. When you can no longer smell the fragrance, this is time to change the melt.

How do I remove the old wax from my burner?

Our recommended method to remove wax from your burner would be to light a tea light in your burner for around 30 seconds, or switch on your electric burner for around a minute. The bottom of the wax should have then loosed for you to slide this out with your fingers & dispose of, wipe away the waxy residue & use a new wax melt.

Are your products safe to use around pets? 

Yes they are. We use fragrance oil in our wax products, instead of essential oils, which can be toxic to pets. We also have a furry friend who isn't affected by our products  🐾